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special events

Fourth of JulySummer Day Camp Special Events

Throughout the summer, Day Camp Sunshine hosts a number of special events designed to not only be fun and engaging, but to foster teamwork, enthusiasm and confidence in personal expression and trying new things.


We are open on the 4th! For the campers that can come it’s a HUGE bonding experience as we get into the spirit together with a great big celebration complete with costumes, food, festive theme games, and camper created “floats” to parade around camp. It’s the perfect day to make awesome camp memories!


Our former “Crazy Hair Day,” “Crazy Hat Day,” and “Crazy Face Day” come together in a wacky display of face paint, headgear, hair gel, and the like. Campers are encouraged to come to camp sporting the craziest hair, faces, and hats they can find! During the camp day, we’ll have a contest in which campers vote for the winner of the “Craziest Head 2014” Award.

Face paint is also available to campers during the camp day!


Curious about what goes on at Day Camp Sunshine? Join us for an early-summer picnic to get a closer look at camp, and to meet your camper’s counselors for the summer. Each family brings their own meal and joins the staff after the camp day for a picnic at our pavilion. Chances are your camper will want to introduce you to one of our popular camp games—Gaga, Knock Hockey, Carpet Ball, and Nine-Square in the Air.

After dinner, campers and staff will put on a brief program in the Large Chapel, featuring songs and skits they have been preparing throughout the week. No permission slips or additional payment are required for the picnic; just sign out your camper as usual and come on over to the pavilion!


During Team Spirit Day, each camp group comes together to show the rest of the camp what they’re made of! In the afternoon, campers and their counselors flex their creative muscles by composing skits, songs, and introductions to prove why their group is a great one to be in at Day Camp Sunshine. Campers perform what they’ve created on our Large Chapel stage, and awards are distributed to the most creative and spirited of performances!

During the camp day, we’ll have a contest in which campers vote for the “Craziest Clash 2014” Award.


On Bible Quest Day, Middlers and Seniors travel in teams around the campground to complete a series of tasks, puzzles, games, and scavenger hunts that pertain to passages from the Bible. Groups are mixed up for the Bible Quest, so that campers from different age groups have to work together and encourage one another to complete the tasks assigned.During the Bible Quest, Teens will build cardboard regattas and sail them across one of our camp pools. Boats will be awarded based on their design, speed, and ability to stay afloat.

Step right up to the annual Day Camp Sunshine Carnival! During the days preceding the carnival, each group will come up with its own idea for a booth. Past booth ideas include a ring toss, a dunking booth, bobbing for apples, the football throw, Gaga, Nintendo Wii Dance-Along, a haunted house, a fun house, the balloon pop, and more. Campers and counselors take shifts to help run their booths, and spend the rest of their time enjoying the many attractions.

In addition to group-run booths, the carnival also includes a snack booth, cupcake decorating, hayrides, and our inflatable water slide. The carnival takes place over the final few hours of camp, just before pick-up time.


For one day during the summer, campers get to experience what it’s like to have different counselors, and counselors get to experience working with campers in an unfamiliar age group. On counselor switch day, we mix up the staff roster completely: Teen counselors move to Middler groups, female counselors switch to boy groups, managers become counselors, and so on.

All staff members are briefed by your camper’s regular counselor over the preceding days to ensure a smooth transition and age-appropriate lessons. Bonds forged during Counselor Switch Day tend to last long after counselors have switched back. Campers and staff alike love the opportunity to form new, positive relationships!


We all look forward to this showcase of our campers’ different abilities and talents—from Middlers to Teens! At the beginning of the week, campers are invited to submit their talents to the show’s coordinator and work with their counselors to put together an act. They go through an “audition” of sorts, to make sure that each camper feels able and comfortable performing before a large audience.

In the past, camper talents have included singing, dancing, magic shows, stand-up comedy, “If I Weren’t a Camper, a Counselor I Would Be,” juggling, unicycle riding, gymnastics, and more. If your camper has a talent he or she wants to share with the camp, encourage him or her to sign up.


Kangaroo Court is a Day Camp Sunshine tradition during which campers can bring their friends and counselors to justice for “crimes” committed during the summer. At the end of the day, we hold court and reach a verdict on each case, with such sentences as being doused with water, getting covered in mud, giving piggyback rides, and doing whatever other wacky task is deemed appropriate after each case is heard.

Kangaroo Court is intended to be a fun event, where the “crimes” aren’t really crimes. Any serious issues with other campers and staff members should be addressed, as always, by talking to a counselor or manager.


Camper Appreciation Day (or “Camper Request Day”) is an event campers eagerly await all summer. At Day Camp Sunshine, we show our campers special appreciation by allotting each of them one request from any counselor for one day only. As long as the request is reasonable and within the realm of possibility, counselors are willing to do whatever is asked of them, even if it means ending up muddy and gross!

Past requests have included jumping into one of our two camp ponds, jumping into the pool fully dressed, getting hit in the face with a ketchup and mustard pie, shaving heads, piggyback rides, singing songs, and serving campers meals, and others. Your camper’s creativity (within reason, of course!) is the limit.


The week after the Camper Talent Show, the staff puts on a series of performances for the campers. Staff members come from a wide variety of backgrounds with a wide variety of skills. Past acts have included singing, dancing, beat boxing, calisthenics, improvisational skits, and others. Each act is put together with the campers in mind.


Color War debuted at DCS in 2013 and it's getting bigger and better every year! Campers are divided into one of four color teams: Blue, Red, Green or Yellow. This multi-day event features games, challenges and obstacles of all kinds as the teams compete for points to be crowned the ultimate DCS Color Wars Champion! 


As campers work to grow and improve their skills throughout the summer, they tend to create things along the way. This end-of-the-summer event is dedicated to showcasing the tangible results of the previous eight weeks: arts and crafts projects, camp newspapers, writing projects, and whatever else our campers have produced in their time at camp.


Before the exhibit, all campers and parents are invited to one final picnic as the summer marches toward its end. It’s a great time to gather as a larger Day Camp Sunshine community, share memories, and talk about what lies ahead!


Here at DCS, we make an intentional effort to hire staff from different countries around the world. On International Day, we celebrate our different cultures by introducing campers to customs, traditions, and cuisines from all across the planet.

During the days preceding, campers will be encouraged to go home and explore their own familial and ethnic backgrounds. On International Day itself, campers will “travel the world,” traveling to different cabin rooms—each dedicated to a staff-represented country.



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