Field Trips

Summer Day Camp Field Trips

Field Trips are a great way to change things up a bit and give the campers and kids an opportunity to bond, and have a lot of fun through an off-site experience.

And, at Day Camp Sunshine – FIELD TRIPS ARE FREE!

Field Trip day is Thursday. Teen Camp goes every week, and the Kids Camp goes three times during the summer.

Three things every parent needs to know about Summer Day Camp Field Trips:

  1. Permission slips and waivers: Every field trip requires an original, printed and hand signed signature to be returned to the DCS Registration Office by the Monday before the trip. Bus reservations must be finalized so we need to know if your child is going. Additionally, a few of the places we’ve gone to require their own separate waiver – some can be completed online and some require a paper form. We will give you information about that in our weekly newsletter.
  2. Clothing – Every camper going on a field trip must have the official DCS camp t-shirt for that summer. T-shirts are typically handed out the week of the field trip for first time campers, either on Tuesday or Wednesday. Additionally, some places will require specific things like socks or pants (i.e. Bounce Factory). We will give you information on these requirements in the weekly newsletter.
  3. Food – Our catering company does not provide lunches to teens on Thursdays because of field trips. Everyone must bring a bag lunch – even those teens staying back at camp. On Kids Camp field trip days, the catering option will not be available and all of those campers must bring a bag lunch. Typically, a thermos/cooler style soft pack lunch bag is okay as well as disposable brown bag. DCS does not provide snacks or drinks on field trips. We advise you to send $5 - $10 per field trip for snacks if you’d like your child to purchase something from the snack shop or the gift shop (if applicable).

2015 Summer Day Camp Field Trip Locations will be announced in early 2015. In the past we’ve gone to:

  • Mountain Creek Water Park
  • Bounce Factory
  • Wild West City
  • Discovery Museum
  • Branchburg Sports Complex
  • Bowling
  • iPlay America


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