What type of security measures do you have in place?
We employ the use of physical security measures and conduct regular training drills and ongoing education in child safety and security in consultation with law enforcement and camp professionals. We cannot provide details online, but if you have concerns, we invite you to set up a time to speak with the Camp Director.

Campers will only be released to parents registered with the camper’s online account, and with individuals listed in the authorized pick up list in the online account. Pick up procedures are as follows:

Only people whose names appear on your Ultra Camp account as Authorized Pick-ups will be authorized to do sign out a camper. We will be calling the primary contact if someone is in the pick-up line whose name is not on the Authorized Pick-up list. Please keep your Pick-up Authorization list in Ultra Camp up-to-date. If someone is not on a camper’s pick-up list, he or she will not be able to pick up the child. If there are any last minute changes or emergencies please notify the camp Registrar via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


What is the staff to camper ratio?
Our staff to camper ratio ranges from 1:8 through 1:10, depending on the age group. All camp groups have at least one counselor and one CIT. Most groups will have two counselors and Middler/Senior groups will also have a CIT. Our Camp Managers supervise their respective camp groups throughout the day to ensure our counselors and campers are equipped for a successful camp experience. 


What happens on rainy days or extreme heat days?
We offer a variety of indoor games and activities when we need to take a break from severe outdoor weather. Click here to learn more.


What happens when my child gets sick or hurt at camp?
We have a full time, certified CPR/Health Director on-site throughout camp. In the event of an emergency or if medication needs to be administered, our Health Director will call you or the emergency contact listed on your child's Medical/Pick-up form. To reach the Health Director during camp hours, please call 908-604-2095. 


How can I reach my child at camp?
Please contact the Camp Office at 908-647-6924. We have a Camper Portable Electronic Device Policy in place that we adhere to very strictly because we believe that campers are better able to realize the full value of a camp experience when they aren’t distracted and can be fully present in the camp environment. This policy was created in conjunction with counsel from our membership affiliates including Christian Camping & Conference Association and the American Camping Association. This policy document is available in our Document Center.


What is the discipline procedure?
Our full discipline policy is available in the Document Center.

At Day Camp Sunshine, we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of campers and staff alike. As needed, we escalate disciplinary situation through the three tiers of our camp staff. 

  • The Counselor
  • The Camp Manager
  • The Camp Director (partnered with the parent if deemed necessary)

It is our policy to provide the camper with a warning at each staff level before implementing any discipline. Our staff aims to ensure the camper understands what was done wrong and works with them to prevent it from happening again. In the unfortunate case of extreme or repeated misbehavior, camp privileges such as pool time minutes (according to age and magnitude of misbehavior), Sweet Shop, or pool party/sleepover attendance may be taken away. For any questions regarding Day Camp Sunshine's discipline procedure, please contact our Camp Director at 908-647-9624 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Is there a dress code at camp?
Day Camp Sunshine’s Dress Code is simple: In all things, do what will help us focus on God and have age-appropriate fun and recreation with fellow campers. Modesty is key, and we want to continue providing a safe and comfortable environment for your children and for our staff. 

  • Of course come dressed for fun and games! 
  • If wearing shorts, they should be fingertip length or 2-3 inches above the knee. (Best Rule of Thumb: If you are unsure, leave it at home)
  • Closed-toed shoes should be worn at all times for the means of safety. The only exceptions are during pool time and Beach or Water Park trips where flip flops or sandals may be worn. 
  • For pool time, our female campers must wear a modest one-piece bathing suit. If a camper does not have an appropriate bathing suit, they will be asked to wear a T-shirt on top.


What is Day Camp Sunshine's Tax ID Number?

Grade Entering Camp Group
First Robins
Second Blue Jays
Third Cardinals
Fourth Eagles
Fifth Falcons
Sixth Gulls
7th & 8th grade Boys Panthers/Jaguars
7th grade Girls Bobcats
9th grade - age 15 Boys Cougars
8th grade Girls Pumas
9th grade - age 15 Girls Cheetahs


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