What is the policy about medications at camp?
It is the stated policy of DCS, in accordance with NJ State Law, that all camper medications must be kept in the First Aid Office. Campers may not carry prescription or over the counter medications with them. This even includes topical sprays and creams. Counselors may not carry medication for campers.

Our staff has been instructed to confiscate any medication that is found with a camper and turn it into the First Aid Director who will then contact the camper’s primary contact person on file.

Exceptions: Asthma pumps and epi-pens. Even for these however, we must have a medication administration form on file.

Counselors will carry asthma pumps and epi-pens for their campers. During elective time they will switch and the camper will carry it until they return to their group.

Medication Administration Forms are available in the Document Center online. A hard copy, signed form must be turned in along with the medication.


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