Ropes Course

ropes course

ropes courseRopes Course

Designed to foster life-skills such as goal setting and teamwork, our outdoor adventure activities program provides campers with an exciting environment that builds self-confidence and celebrates accomplishments at all levels.

How safe is this?
Though nothing in life is “risk free”, our staff is trained and experienced as solid risk managers with protocol and appropriate safety equipment to back us up. We are inspected annually by the state of New Jersey and we routinely perform safety checks on ropes course participants, safety equipment and facilities used in our programs. Our staff participates in seasonal trainings and all are CPR/First Aid certified or Emergency Responders.

Participants will wear hair caps for each usage as helmets are shared amongst campers.

Do participants have to sign a waiver?
Yes, all participants must sign a waiver in advance. Participants 17 and under must have a waiver completed and signed by their parent or legal guardian. The waiver is available to print and sign in the Document Center. An original copy with the original signature is required.

How old do you have to be to participate?
Seniors and Teens are eligible to utilize the Ropes Course. Cardinal Boys and Girls that are 8 years old are eligible to use the course during their late night event, and off season events such as the open house or camper preview day. Our insurance company does not provide coverage for campers under 8 years old. Since there is a mix of 7 and 8 year old campers in the Cardinal groups, and the campers participate by groups, we believe it’s in the best interests of the campers and a healthy group experience to begin course participation as a senior.

Are there any clothes or shoes requirements?
The general DCS attire guidelines work well with the Ropes Course because we require campers to wear closed toed shoes at all times, (except to and from the pool) and to wear modest shorts. However, if the camper will be participating in the Ropes Course, we encourage them to wear relaxed, athletic type clothing. Campers will be most comfortable in longer shorts or pants, and seasonally appropriate t-shirt type tops.

ropes course


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