What Camp Means to Us

What Camp Means to Us

These days it seems like there’s a camp for everything and the very meaning of “camp” isn’t what it used to be. So you may be wondering – just what is Day Camp Sunshine all about?

For us, it’s pretty simple: Day Camp Sunshine is a classic, recreational camp experience designed to help kids thrive in the great outdoors. In fact, countless parents have told us that DCS is camp “the way it should be” and that’s exactly what we love to hear!

When it gets right down to it, we offer a well-rounded, age-appropriate program for kids in a secure environment that connects them with life giving experiences for their spiritual, emotional, intellectual, relationship and personal growth.

CORE VALUES – the why behind what we do, that informs how we do what we do.

Transforming Love
The message of love, hope and grace in Jesus Christ changes lives and is the cornerstone of our program. We are committed to being a place where every camper feels accepted, loved and cared for.

Embracing Uniqueness
We believe that every child has been uniquely and wonderful made by God, and therefore we will strive to serve each of them according to their needs in an effort to positively influence their spiritual, personal and physical well-being.

Unequivocal Passion
Working at camp is not just a job, it’s a calling. Therefore we will pour our enthusiasm, creativity and love into each area of our work, giving our whole hearts for this privileged work.

Pursuing Excellence
We will never be perfect, but we will always strive to serve to the best of our God-given abilities and strength, thus providing an outstanding experience, serve and value to our campers and their families.

Cultivating Innovation
We’re over 75 years old, but we never want to stop learning, growing, stretching, and developing. This requires honoring tradition, but being open to fresh ideas, improvements, and opportunities to take our program to the next level.

Prioritizing Relationships
What makes the camp experience truly special is the temporary community that is formed between campers and campers, and campers and staff. Bonds are formed, friendships are made, and lives are impacted. In honor of this value, we seek to recruit mature, experienced staff that create a safe and supportive environment in which kids will flourish under their guidance and mentorship.


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